We are at the forefront of realising the most ambitious, pioneering, and unusual projects for decorative systems.


Artificial rocks

We create artificial rocks that reflect the natural rocks that exist in nature, including underwater. They can be rock formations of any size formed to suit individual needs, decorative or utilitarian elements in zoos, water parks, amusement parks, hotels, restaurants, religious facilities, spas, wellness, theme parks. We design and build rock caves, ice caves, rock formations with waterfalls, rock formations with ponds, lakes.

Artificial hybrid trees

Plants are a great addition to almost any interior design. For larger premises, such as company headquarters or shopping malls, our artificial trees are also a good solution. We will make them to your individual order, from special certified, natural-looking materials.

Decorative plasters

Of the many possibilities for finishing a house or other building on the surface of its exterior walls, the possibility of using decorative plasters in the form of imitations of stone, bricks, wood, boards, etc., is definitely recommendable. Those made by us are unique and inimitable.

Concrete floors and stairs

In order to ensure the comprehensiveness of our company’s offer, in addition to complex constructions made of artificial rocks, artificial trees, we also offer solid yet aesthetically pleasing floors imitating stone, e.g. slate, sandstone, cobblestones, etc. We make them for both individual and institutional clients. Our services are often used by shopping centres, theme parks, and zoos.


ASD SC (ArtSystemDeco–after the merger of MAF, ADLA, Petreo) has been in business for 23 years. What sets us apart from others is that we have built up teams of highly specialised employees and cooperating companies, which allows us to successfully complete even very large orders.
We are a leader in realising the most ambitious, pioneering, and unusual projects for decorative systems such as artificial rocks, artificial trees, stone sculptures, ponds or decorative facades and floors. Every day, they are created by our architects and designers who can boldly be called visionaries and artists. We always offer the best solutions, individually tailored to the needs of our clients, using years of experience and knowledge backed up by hundreds of completed implementations. There are no limits for us in spatial creations. The decorative systems created by ASD will meet your expectations.


Our range of projects includes, among others, artificial rocks, waterfalls, caves, grottoes, ponds, artificial rivers, and fountains. The boundaries for the creation of these modern decorative systems are set only by the imagination, and the forms and inspirations keep coming.

Using artificial stone and numerous decorative elements, we make complex spatial arrangements. We create animal figures, architectural miniatures, building facades and fences imitating natural stone, brick, and other spatial structures. We can offer all kinds and sizes of artificial trees (baobabs, sequoias, olive trees), artificial rock formations extended with elements of growing artificial roots, tree trunks, architectural elements (sculptures, imitation artefacts, and a lot more), streams and brooks working in closed circuits.
Such modern decorative systems will enrich your immediate surroundings as well as your places of entertainment or oases of calm. It is worth considering this solution when creating the surrounding space.


Top quality materials


Precision of workmanship in every implementation


Many years of experience and knowledge


Our designs are used as decorations, architectural elements, furnishings and as teaching and learning aids for children and young people. Regardless of the size and type of buildings to be designed, there are unlimited design possibilities with artistic decorative systems. We bravely take on new challenges and undertake the most demanding projects, because only creative work offers the opportunity for growth.

Using artificial stone and the latest technology in spatial realisations, we always achieve a unique, individual aesthetic effect with artistic decorative systems. By making use of our design possibilities, your gardens, water parks, amusement parks, zoos, hotels, wellness & spa facilities, restaurants, cafés, theme parks, educational and entertainment parks, children’s playgrounds, film studios will take on a new original and unusual character.


Get to know our capabilities, because we are ready to realise any fantasy. Our artificial trees and rivers, beautiful imitation stone or ponds are true architectural and decorative works of art. We offer solutions for the individual consumer and the public sector:

  • Decorative systems that are conquering the world.
  • Many possibilities for use both in the immediate surroundings and in leisure or public areas for the use of modern decorative systems.
  • Artistic decorative systems from small forms to large spatial constructions.

Welcome to a magical world of unique decorating possibilities. We guarantee the highest quality materials and precision workmanship in every implementation. We combine many years of experience and knowledge with learning about new trends and inspiration.


Over the years, our company has worked with many public institutions, zoos, theme parks, and private investors. ArtSystemDeco has a number of easily verifiable references received from both investors and general contractors of large construction projects.