Artificial hybrid trees


  • Use of artificial trees in zoos as a safe and durable design element for animal enclosures.
  • Use of artificial trees as a design element in public spaces (shopping malls, restaurants, swimming pools, offices, shops, hotels, exhibition stands, etc.).

Key benefits:

  • Non-flammable construction.
  • Sustainability (natural trees die due to lack of light, problems with overdrying, lack of care, pruning, soil replacement, and general handling).
  • Does not require handling.


The mass used to make artificial stones and rocks is such a versatile material that it offers endless possibilities. It can be used to create both large and small forms, thus building interesting compositions or decorating a room, garden or yard with individual pieces. It is worth taking an interest in artificial trees because, even without additional care, they look perfect, do not deteriorate, and do not lose their original charm.

Artificial trees are formed by hand from dyed mineral masses. We also use moulds for their modelling or texture embossing as required. It is always an extremely precise process because every product we create has a unique look, a perfect finish and extraordinary durability. This is topped off with leaves in saturated green tones that replicate the crowns of real trees, and branches that look indistinguishable from real twigs.


Due to their ease of maintenance and incredible resemblance to works of nature, we can find artificial trees in many places. They work very well where water parks, theme parks or entertainment centres are built, such as Copernicus in Warszawa and Experyment in Gdynia. Impressively sized baobabs and more serve as decorations and give the impression of communing with nature. Many of our “plants” also adorn zoos. They can mainly be found in monkey runs or bird cages, but the number of applications here is also much greater.

Private residences, too, can take on a new character with the decorations we create, bringing them to life in line with the latest trends. Nature is the best inspiration; we model ourselves on it, even with the unusual requirements of our customers. Every environment, especially one in which you spend a lot of time, should be a reflection of nature, because nature has a soothing effect in the daily rush.


Due to the malleability of the materials used in production, we can create imitations of any species, of any size and shape, finished in a way that gives the illusion of naturalness. A row of native or exotic trees or a single specimen as a whole decoration will make a visual difference all around.

Based on our many years of experience and the joy of creating, you will receive the end result as agreed. No cumbersome care, no ground that needs watering and fertilising–artificial trees are easy to maintain, competing with those growing naturally. It is ideal for nature lovers who value their free time.

When arranging the surroundings, it is worth looking favourably at artificial trees:

  • With an appearance faithful to the beauty of the plants in our forests and all other green areas.
  • Created in imitation of exotic specimens not found in our temperate climate zone.
  • Which are small ornaments created in the shape of bonsai.