Decorative plasters


  • Artificial stone of different sizes, types, colours.
  • Artificial wood, beams, planks of varying degrees of deterioration, texture, colour (it is difficult to recognise that they are artificial).
  • Imitations of various types of bricks, from clinker to old worn-out bricks.
  • Imitations of sandstone, slate, granite. Key benefits:
  • Non-flammable construction.
  • Durable (no maintenance like natural wood).


Of the many possibilities for finishing a house or other buildings on the surface of their external walls, the option of using imitation stones on the facade is definitely recommendable. Made by us, they are unique and unrepeatable and, thanks to the method of dyeing in the mass, have interesting, saturated colours with elements reflecting natural processes, such as dyeing and fragments reflecting light. Artificial stone imitates the natural one without being inferior in beauty to real stones or sandstone slabs, and can compete with them in terms of cost, durability or spectrum of application.

Imitation stone for facades manufactured and composed by us adheres perfectly to any healthy surface made of concrete, brick, wood or insulating material. Thanks to their insulating and frost-resistant properties, the imitations will perfectly insulate the house while decorating it at the same time. Such artificial stone facades are not harmed by prolonged exposure to sunlight or strong winds, and are highly resistant to mechanical damage. Artificial decorative stone can occur as a single element or appear on the entire facade surface.


Walls and decorative fences are an essential element that marks the distinctiveness of the family courtyard as a living space. They will either provide a kind of fortress and solid cover, or they will take a more traditional form, i.e. allowing a view of the world from behind and in front of the fence. Such decorative fences using imitations can replace traditional metal gates, or be an integral part of them in the form of columns, posts or a type of foundation. They compose well with other materials to form a coherent whole. Artificial stone suits modern residential homes as well as manor house and mansion-style architecture.

Decorative masonry not just for connoisseurs

Valuing aesthetics and solid, professional workmanship, and knowing that this is what customers expect, we give you the opportunity to benefit from our services. French, fieldstone, cyclopic or layered walls, as well as any fences, are possible thanks to the materials and techniques used in ASD’s imitation moulding.
Imitation stone facades, walls and decorative fences are distinguished by their versatile appearance, functionality, durability, multiplicity of surfaces and colours. It is therefore possible to form a fence out of artificial stones modelled on those hewn, split, but also those that have never been treated or otherwise shaped.


Artificial bricks are also an ideal solution for “something out of nothing” buildings. The impressive appearance of the imitations means that, at a reasonable cost, a house can look as if it were actually built from clinker bricks in any colour or from old bricks that are several hundred years old. At the same time, artificial bricks offer the possibility of flawless reproduction of beams, boards, river stones or sandstone. This solution can be applied to almost any building. An additional advantage and superiority of our proposed imitation brick solutions is that they will not become overgrown with algae or moss, the grouting will not crumble, and they are not easily stained. The result is a combination of good taste and harmony without worrying about the effects of use.

Each form we create is unique, in addition:

  • Imitation of stone for facades will give any character to the house.
  • Such facades offer unlimited finishing possibilities.
  • Imitation facades will add atmosphere to any property.
  • Facades made of artificial bricks will allow the final shape of the external walls of the house to be formed as desired.
  • Decorative fences successfully replace traditional entrance gates or typical solutions around the entire property.
  • Decorative walls made of artificial stone will give you a sense of privacy in your own backyard.