20 April 2022

Opening of the Exotarium in Sosnowiec

On 2nd of December 2023 the Exotarium in Sosnowiec was finally opened.
ArtSystemDeco prepared artificial rock arrangements in 29 aquariums and aquaterrariums. We also arranged indoor and outdoor paths and stairs with stamped concrete.

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Projects – The Sosnowiec Exotarium

12 April 2022

Opening of the South America pavilion at Chorzow Zoo

We are happy to announce that the newly built South America pavilion at Chorzow Zoo was opened on 6th of October 2023. We provided comprehensive decoration with artificial rock, artificial trees.

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Projects – The South America pavilion at Chorzow Zoo


Winning a competition to develop the artistic design of aquarium decoration – MIR

ArtSystemDeco has won a competition to design the artistic arrangement of the reservoirs of the aquarium exhibitions at the Gdynia Aquarium of the Maritime Fisheries Institute.
As part of the competition work, we prepared a composition of the design of nine marine reservoirs. For each of the aquaria, we prepared a mock-up showing the rock arrangement with decorations and graphic visualisations.
Our solution will serve as a blueprint for realising the design of aquariums with a total volume of 450,000 litres.

15 February 2023

Membership of the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria EAZA

We are delighted to announce that ArtSystemDeco, as the only Polish company in the sector, has become a member of the association of EAZA (European Association of Zoos and Aquaria) that unites European zoos, aquariums and partners.
As an EAZA partner, we have carried out hundreds of realisations (artificial rocks, artificial trees, artificial beaches, rock caves, decorative plasterwork and flooring, etc.).

Members of the association undergo a demanding and meticulous vetting of their activities and must meet a number of animal welfare and conservation requirements. We would like to thank our long-standing customers–Polish and Czech zoological gardens, whose trust and references were a confirmation of our professionalism in the realisations made for them.

20 April 2022

Opening of the Orientarium at the Łódź Zoo

The newly built Orientarium at the Łódź Zoo was opened. ASD has a not inconsiderable share in this tremendous success, as it made all the decorative elements, artificial trees, decorative plasterwork, and flooring.

13 September 2021

Winning a performance of artificial rocks at the Exotarium in Sosnowiec.

We would like to inform you that we have been awarded the contract for the construction of artificial rocks, above water and underwater in the newly built Exotarium facility in Sosnowiec. That’s around 1,000 square metres of artificial rock, several hundred metres of plaster, and decorative flooring using our technologies.

22 January 2020

Deep sea cave in the world’s deepest diving pool in Mszczonów.

In Mszczonów, near Warszawa, work is underway on a one-of-a-kind facility that will attract professional divers and amateurs of being underwater from all over Poland and beyond! ASD SC has won the tender to build a deep sea cave in the world’s deepest Deepspot diving pool. This is a great honour and a chance to show what we are capable of! It is a facility that is currently under construction, but is already generating huge interest from surfers and potential future customers who can’t wait to dive as deep as 45 metres! The tank itself will look very impressive, for example the double tunnel will allow outsiders to watch the divers’ struggles. The experience gained from our previous projects will ensure that the deep sea cave we are building will provide interested parties with conditions and experiences straight out of exotic countries. We will make every effort to ensure that customers are satisfied and eager to return for new experiences at the underwater Deepspot.

22 January 2020

Decorations in the Orientarium at the Łódź Zoo.

There is no shortage of reasons to celebrate at ArtSystemDeco for a long time! We are very pleased to announce that, although the competition was strong, we won the tender procedure for the construction of all the decorations for the Orientarium at the Zoo in Łódź. This is not only another large and exciting project, but also a huge success for ASD SC. We are delighted that, drawing on our experience of working on the Ostrawa Zoo exhibition, we will be able to carry out a larger project, this time at the modern Orientarium. As part of the collaboration, we will be responsible for designing and creating a display imitating the Asian climate. Artificial rocks in enclosures, pavilions and aviaries for exotic animals are intended to provide them with suitable living conditions and to replicate the natural environment as closely as possible. It is worth mentioning that the cooperation with the Łódź Zoo is the largest contract for a Polish company in the history of such orders in Poland. We are happy to announce that we are getting on with the work and can’t wait to see the results!

25 September 2018

New aviary for parrots–Ostrawa Zoo.

The latest, highly acclaimed, realisation for Ostrawa Zoo–an aviary for parrots. All the work was carried out by ArtSystemDeco.

30 April 2018

New mini expositions at Ostrawa Zoo.

The company ArtSystemDeco has designed and created further mini expositions at Ostrawa Zoo. Ostrawa Zoo takes care of Polish visitors by providing Polish descriptions at all expositions within the zoo. What is inside the mini exposition–the ASD artificial rock ? Check it out for yourself by visiting Ostrawa Zoo. It really is worth it!

30 April 2018

ArtSystemDeco as general contractor for Poland’s first Wellness & Spa in a rock cave!

ArtSystemDeco has become the General Contractor of Poland’s first Wellness & Spa Centre in a rock cave. The unique atmosphere of the venue will be provided by ASD’s artificial rocks and the best specialist equipment. Guests of the “Turnie” hotel in Suche, near Poronin, will have at their disposal an IR sauna, a mini pool, a salt grotto, a relaxation room with light and music therapy. This is only the first phase of the project, which is scheduled to be open to hotel guests at the end of May 2018. Designs for further unique arrangements in the pipeline. The investment is being carried out according to ASD’s concept and design.

24 April 2018

Recent–prestigious projects

ASD ArtSystemDeco made decorations from artificial stone in Terma Bania in Białka Tatrzańska. The client’s satisfaction, resulted in a new contract for the unusual ASD artificial rock facility… but more on that in September this year. This is what the “new” showers at Terma Bania look like in detail of the type and colour of artificial rock chosen by the client.