Use of imitation rocks and boulders

At present, a trend can be observed in which artificial boulder formations are starting to become more popular than they used to be. Up to now, we have mainly seen them in zoos as part of animal enclosures or in parks, where they have mostly served as a decorative element. Their use has expanded for some time, as evidenced by their more frequent presence in domestic gardens, as well as in many of the facilities we come into contact with every day, such as shopping malls. For many, then, it seems reasonable to ask whether imitation rocks and boulders are needed at all, since they occur naturally in nature. Considerations of this kind should not come as a surprise, but it should be pointed out straight away that the structures described are used in many ways and that their advantages cannot be overestimated. So what use are the previously mentioned imitations and what can be gained from their presence?

Above-water and underwater artificial rocks are state-of-the-art, allowing for creative space design.

Above all, many people opt for artificial rocks for the garden as year-round decoration. In fact, structures of this type are considered to be modern, innovative elements in the design of a space, giving the surroundings a unique and original character. In addition, they are able to deceptively resemble natural formations, thus making them virtually indistinguishable from them. It is also worth pointing out that the above-water artificial rocks are used to create cascades and ponds, where they blend in perfectly with the surroundings.

Artificial climbing rocks, a real pleasure in your own garden.

The structures described are not only fantastic decorative elements, but also great climbing walls. As we mentioned earlier, they are prepared in imitation of the natural ones, so there is nothing to prevent the creation of shelves, steps or faults at the moulding stage to allow climbing. Artificial rocks are much safer than the prototypes, as they are durable structures and also provide a sense of comfort, allowing both adults and children to enjoy them. The prepared climbing walls can be placed in the garden and enjoyed at any time.